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Wealth Management

Mute Swan Capital provides wealth management services for corporate and individual, high net worth clients. This long-term investment scheme inspires clients to pursue their aspiration through concrete financial plans designed to meet clients’ needs.

Customized Portfolios

There are three packages to choose from (silver, gold, and platinum), depending on your initial investment amount.

MS Silver Account
Initial monthly contribution of NGN 700,000. You can do regular minimum contribution of NGN 20,000 every month.

 MS Gold Account
Initial minimum contribution of NGN 2,000,000. You can do regular minimum contribution of NGN 30,000 every month.

 MS Platinum Account
Initial minimum contribution of NGN 4,000,000. You can do regular minimum contribution of NGN 40,000 every month.


1. What is the Payment Mode?

Contributions are usually deducted through standing order mandate from clients various bank accounts, Cash/Cheque payment at any of our branches.

2. What is the Yield / Structure?

80% of these funds are invested in money market instrument and 20% in capital market.

3. Who can invest?

Typical investors are individuals seeking to gain higher returns on money to be used for a specific purpose in the future.

4. What is the minimum holding period?

Individuals will have to invest for a minimum period of 2 years, redeeming the investment before the 2 year period could result in forfeiting all returns earned on the investment.

What are the product benefits?
• Interest rates are more attractive compared to bank savings rates.
• As many deposit as desirable can be made by the investor.
• Enjoy the services of a professional fund manager.
• Can effectively be used as collateral for a loan or bridge finance.
• Quarterly, semi- annual and annual investment statements are provided.
• Wealth creation or capital build- up for future endeavors.

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