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Provident Fund Management


What We Do

Mute Swan Capital provides Fund Management services to the following types of schemes:

Corporate Trust Scheme (CTS): A CTS is sponsored by a Corporate Trustee and is open to employees of several companies. There is an ideal solution for most employers as it is cost effective and run by professionals.

Employer Sponsored Scheme (ESS): An ESS is open only to employees of a particular firm, and gives that firm control over asset allocation and access to service providers.

Group Personal Scheme (GPS): The GPS, which is sponsored by a Corporate Trustee, is designed for those in the formal and informal sector. The contributions to this scheme are voluntary.

Provident Fund Benefits


  • Tax benefit – Employers contribute to the new pension scheme before taxes are calculated. This means that less tax is paid at the time of contribution. Additionally, the law exempts tax on all interest gained by pension funds and does not tax upon withdrawal of funds.
  • A kind of benefit so as to motivate employees to work with the employer in the longer term
  • Lower turnover rate
  • Employees will have enough savings when they reach retirement age and have a good quality of life after retirement
  • Create good company image


  • Tax benefit – Employee Contribution can be tax deductible and tax exempted and the received lump sum is tax exempted if the redemption is made when employee reaches the age of 55 years with fund membership over 5 years
  • Get extra salary in the form of company contribution
  • Have long term saving for post-retirement

Family receives lump sum in case employee passes away.

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