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Managed Portfolios

Mute Swan Capital provides wealth management services for corporate, high net worth and individual clients. Our investment team has expertise across multiple asset classes such as fixed income, listed equity and private equity. We help our clients to create investment mandates that reflect their objectives and risk tolerance. We create investment strategies based on the situation of each client. Our ultimate goal is to achieve optimal portfolio returns through our robust security selection and risk management strategies.

MS Dollar Wealth Account: This Dollar Wealth Account is your ideal investment option if you wish to preserve and grow your wealth in any foreign currency. It features a minimum tenure of five years.  However, depending on the availability of investment options, clients can invest for shorter or longer periods.

MS Executive Wealth Account: The Executive Wealth Account is designed for individuals who want to build their wealth steadily over time, but have a lower investment amount to start. It’s an open-ended 100% fixed-income investment with a five-year minimum recommended holding period.

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