Investment Philosophy

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Our Investment Philosophy is

Our investment philosophy is derived from the three P’s which is commonly associated with investment management organizations: People, Process, and Performance. The first and second P’s determines the third P.
While this plan highlights many areas, there are only two areas that will ultimately determine the level of success to be achieved. The first is the people. Bright, energetic, talented, and knowledgeable individuals compose the core of the team. Process is the second critical element. Cutting-edge research is provided in support of our portfolio management process. Thirdly, the firm will combine the fine balance between preserving capital and growing it responsibly – and the understanding that every investor will have a different balance in mind.

Finally, our investment philosophy seeks to achieve above-average returns in the long term by:
• In-depth investment research
• Pro-active investment management, and
• An emphasis on risk management
Investments will be managed in accordance with predetermined investment objectives, risk profiles and statutory provisions at all times.

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