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Investment packages

These products are developed to assist you to grow your investment portfolio. They are structured to take care of your future business plans and even retirement needs.

MS Fixed Income Account

Is a short term investment in money market instruments issued by financial houses, banks, government, companies that yield higher return than the Treasury Bill. This provides security to investors who do not tolerate risk. This instrument does not guarantee rates, however with expert knowledge and fund management skills, we ensure clients receive competitive rates.

Also, this is an ideal investment for individuals, companies, pension funds, welfare and savings schemes who want high returns for their short term investment.


1. What are the bills available?

We provide 91 day, 182 day, 1 year and 2 years bills. However depending on client’s needs, investment with shorter or longer period could be designed to meet their expectations.

2. Why should I invest in Fixed Income Account

• They are safe and faster to redeem
• They are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuer
• Returns on investment are attractive and better than on savings account offered by the banks
• They can be used as collateral (security) for any banking facility
• All investments are automatically rolled over on maturity with interest
• Clients can redeem interest and roll over the principal on maturity
• Upon clients request investment can be fully or partially redeemed on maturity
• Because the interest is worked on compound basis the effective rate is higher than the nominal rate quoted.

3. How do I participate in the scheme?

• Fill account opening forms with a valid national identification
• For corporates, registration documents or constitution, valid ID and passport pictures of signatories.

4. What is the mode of deposit?

Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer

5. How can I withdraw money?

• By filling withdrawal form
• Present ID and pick your cheque 48 hours after maturity or 3 working days after rediscount request.

6. Are there any charges on the account?

Penal charges apply on withdrawal before maturity

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