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Hajj Investment Account

Mute Swan Hajj Investment Account

The MS Hajj Investment Account is an Investment plan developed to enable intending pilgrims set aside and grow their wealth with the sole purpose of performing pilgrimage.

This investment plan is for individuals, corporate bodies and sponsors with the clear objective of setting aside certain amounts periodically for the purpose of hajj. The investment is liquidated 2 months before the hajj travel date. With our expertise as fund and investment portfolio managers we ensure that your hajj funds are invested wisely.

Product Features

  • MS Hajj Investment Account is open ended which means that investors can buy into and exit when they choose.
  • There will be no management fees charged on funds invested.
  • Our fees are strictly performance based and will be in the form of profit sharing on income generated on your investments (70% to the client, 30% to Mute Swan Capital)
  • Initial minimum contribution of ₦70,000
  • Regular contribution of ₦20,000 or above at any time
  • Wealth creation for Hajj.

Investment Packages

DOWNLOADABLE FORMS Download word file format of forms.

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