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Church Growth Investment Account

MS Church Growth Investment Account is an investment product tailor-made to help churches invest toward a particular church project such as church building, renovation, maintenance fund, mission’s fund, etc. The minimum initial investment you can start with is NGN 70,000 and minimum monthly contribution is NGN 15,000.00.

Why sign up?

  • Grow financial strength of church
  • Free financial seminars for church members
  • Set up a provident fund for church workers
  • Access to loans using investment as collateral
  • Dedicated manager to handle all financial needs


Documents required

To complete your application, we will need scanned copies of the following:

  1. A valid national ID card of signatories (at least two signatories)
  2. A completed group account opening form
  3. 2 passport sized pictures of signatories
  4. A copy of the church utility bill
  5. Minimum initial investment
  6. A letter of Resolution


1. What’s the minimum investment amount the church can start with?

The minimum initial investment you can start with is ₦70,000. To grow your money significantly, it is best to follow a consistent investment plan. The required minimum monthly contribution is ₦15,000.00

2. Are there any other fees the church has to pay when the account is opened?

No. There are no extra fees to be paid apart from the initial deposit. However, there is a 1% front load fee on all deposit.

3. Can the church access the funds in the account anytime?

Yes. While you can access your funds at any time, the recommended holding period is 3 years before any withdrawals can be done This is to ensure the church realize potential on the investments.

4. What is the minimum recommended holding period for investing in the fund?

The minimum recommended holding period for your investment is 3 years.

5. How is the money going to be invested?

All funds deposited under this investment account will automatically be invested in Fixed Income unless you indicate otherwise.

6. Can individual church members invest in this product?

No. This product is for ONLY the church as a body. However, individual church members can invest in any of our mutual funds.

Investment Packages

DOWNLOADABLE FORMS Download word file format of forms.

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