Welcome to
Mute Swan Capital Ltd

Mute Swan Capital Limited (MSCL) is a subsidiary of the Gecenyi Group, a group of companies with business interests in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy.  Mute Swan Capital is founded on the basis of innovation and excellence to provide wealth opportunities and growth through Investment in diverse asset classes, investment advisory services, wealth management among others.  We are committed to maximizing value and creating the best outcomes for our clients and investors through our innovative products with focus on creating and managing wealth.

Timely & Strategic

We strategically observe emerging markets and make it our priority to explore wealth opportunities at the  right time.

SEC Approved
Fund Managers.

Our team of fund managers are professionals, with due trainings and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Commitment To

We are committed to exploring wealth opportunities in our industry to facilitate growth for our investors and clients alike.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the platinum standard in Investment Banking service provision in Africa and the Americas through aggressive strategic marketing, product innovation, superior customer service to channel foreign investment to viable sectors of the economy.

Our Mission

To provide investment opportunities that guarantee lifelong wealth management