Funds & Investment Management

The power to grow your wealth starts with strategic investing. Explore life-long investment opportunities.

Business & Financial Advisory

Let’s satisfy your investment banking needs; from Mergers & Acquisitions, to Capital Raising, to valuation, and more.

Foreign Currency Investing

Hedge against inflation and invest in foreign currencies.

Our Products

MS Wealth Management Note

The MS Wealth Management Note allows our investors the opportunity to earn competitive returns on investment in the long and short term, while preserving capital.

MS Social Welfare Fund

The Social Welfare Fund provides the opportunity for investors to save and invest towards a project or goal, and earn competitive interest on their investment. The fund can be run as a trust for investors who intend to plan towards their education, their children’s education, or towards community future projects amongst others.

MS Ethical Fund

The MS Ethical Fund provides the opportunity for investors bound by religious & ethical believes to save, invest, & earn profits on their investment through ethical compliant instruments.

MS Kudi Account

The MS Kudi Account is an investment opportunity that provides students and small business owners the opportunity to save and invest and earn competitive interest on investment. This note aims to promote strong savings and investment culture for investors who are not particularly investment savvy.

MS Institutional Fund

The MS Institutional Fund is an investment opportunity that provides communities, clubs, associations, cooperatives amongst others, the opportunity to invest and earn competitive interest on investment.

MS Invest FX Note

The Mute Swan Invest FX Note is an investment opportunity that provides investors with the option of investing in foreign currencies and earn competitive interest on their Investment. This Note allows investors hedge their funds against domestic currency devaluation and inflation.
The funds are invested in asset classes backed & regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Mute Swan Capital’s rich heritage is powerfully evoked by our logo, the image of a swan. The company is named after the Swan, which symbolizes ‘intuition and gracefulness”. Our name has proved quite fitting, as our goal is to ensure reward for our stakeholders by using our understanding of the money and capital market to efficiently achieve return on investment.

From its start in 2017, Mute Swan Capital (MSC) has stood out as a very different kind of investment firm. We help our clients to protect and increase their assets. This framework has enabled our leadership team put our clients first in all of our decisions.

Navigating a multitude of investment choices and maintaining focus amid unpredictable markets can be difficult. As millions of investors and advisors have come to trust Mute Swan Capital, our logo remains an apt metaphor for a company with an unwavering commitment to its mission.

Founder, Christian E. Okereke structured MSC for just one purpose—to build wealth for its clients. In a fiercely competitive investment arena, MSC’s priority is in placing clients’ interests in the driver’s seat.

As it continues to expand further into international markets, MSC offers an ever-wider range of investment products and services for individuals, institutions, and financial advisors, all at costs that are consistently among the lowest in the industry.

MCS’s dedicated team is led by experienced, stable management team who go to all length to understand the businesses that we invest in. This we believe is the only one way to achieve maximum possible income with minimal risks for our clients and us.